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IT and Research & Development Activities

Market Area

ENTSOG’s Market Team is responsible for providing expertise, monitoring and development of the market-related network codes that promote the internal ­European gas market. The Market Area has also been involved with the Energy Community, providing support in their Network Code development and implementation.

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System Development Area

The System Development business area covers ENTSOG activities related to scenario development, investment planning and infrastructure assessment for the EU energy system. The main deliverables are short and medium to long-term assessments such as the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) and Supply Outlooks. In 2017, the System Development area published the final TYNDP 2017, the first Union-wide Security of Supply Simulation report and the draft 2nd CBA methodology.

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System Development

System Operation Area

The primary work of the System Operation business entails developing and monitoring technical network codes, evaluating activities related to gas quality standardisation, developing and maintaining existent Common Network ­Operation Tools (CNOT), the ReCo System for gas, and the maintenance and continuous development of ENTSOG’s Transparency Platform (TP) including ­activities referring to REMIT. At present, System Operation comprises two main working groups: Interoperability (INT WG) and Transparency (TRA WG).

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System Operation

General Area

In 2017 the General Area continued to provide support to the Business Areas and management in Brussels, and work with ENTSOG members. Support is through the Legal, HR, Finance, IT and Communications functions to ensure there is a robust platform for the activities and ­deliverables of ENTSOG’s Business Areas. The General Area was also responsible for organising the meetings of the ­General Assembly and the Board as well as coordinating ENTSOG’s publications – the Annual ­Report 2016 and Annual Work Programme 2018.

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Monitoring Reports

Summaries of implementation and effect monitoring for the Balancing Network Code, Tariff Network Code, CAM Network Code, CMP Guidelines and implementation monitoring on the Interoperability and Data Exchange Rules Network Code are included in this section.

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IT and Research & Development Activities

ENTSOG aims to continuously improve and update methodologies, tools and data scenarios for its stakeholders, to enhance its deliverables and activities. These are listed in this section.

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