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ENTSOG Members and Members Map
Status: End of 2017

By the end of 2017 ENTSOG consisted of 45 members, two associated partners from 26 EU countries and five observers from non-EU countries.
Since its foundation, ENTSOG member TSOs have provided wide coverage of the European gas market. In addition, according to ­ENTSOG’s articles of association TSOs from EU countries currently derogated from the Third Energy Package, such as two of the Baltic States, are associated partners and are able to participate in its activities.

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ENTSOG Structure 2017

ENTSOG structure

ENTSOG Deliverables and
Press Releases 2017

Each year, ENTSOG produces and publishes many documents relating to its, and its Members, activities.The full list of these are included in the Annual Report. Also included are a list of ENTSOG stakeholder events and press releases.

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Work Programme Status

Our tables provide an overview of the activities in ENTSOG’s three main ­business areas. The commented tasks originate from the Annual Work ­Programme 2017.

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